Citroen Xsara At The Start

Citroen Xsara was a small parent car produced by a French car company Citroen from 1997 to 2006. Kassara has evolved from Citroen ZKS and Peugeot 306, which has developed a platform and racing equipment. This model comes with three and five doors. The four-cylinder range is powered by 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0-liter petrol engines, as well as 1.6, 1.9 and 2.0-liter diesel engines that are naturally accelerated and turbocharged. In some countries, for example, Portugal, a 1.5-liter TUD5 diesel engine is also available. Xsara was 1998. Semperit Irish Car of the Year in Irish.

Xsara enters in World Rally Championship

Xsara War Rally Car was one of the most successful cars in world rally championship, which ever compete. In 1999, VRC leader Xara Kit Car, a two-point driver, won a total of Rally Catalunya and Tour de Corse. This car is down to the best cars in the classes. The late Phillippe Bugarski became seventh in the whole and won the F2 Class Kit Car.

In 2003, Citroen Kara was one of the competing vehicles. In Wales GB, the leader Richard Burns suffered a dark signal and withdrew from the rally that Sebastien Loeb made a small mistake in the last round and lost the title by just one point.

The Citroen team won the title of the manufacturer and the 2004 year. They are still French who proved X-ray VRS archetype pilot virtually from the 2001 Concept, Jesus Puras, Carlos Sainz and Francois Duval were the other drivers who defeated.

In 2007, the car replaced the Citroen C4 WRC. However, Xara also used the private and other people. World champion Petter Solberg from 2003 drove Xsara for most of the 2009 season, which entered in his Petter Solberg world rally team.


Kenneth Hansen won the FIA European Championships every year from 2000 to 2005. In September 2014, Nabil Karam entered the World RKS France in 2014 from Xara nad finished 34 of the 37 qualifiers and did not defeat qualifying for the semifinals. The DS3’s upgrade plan for 2015, this is the only time Xara is used to the event in the world championship.