How To Remove Bumper Stickers Without Scratching The Paint?

How To Remove Bumper Stickers

Removing bumper stickers can be a pain, but there are ways to make the process a little bit easier. In this article, we will outline some of the best methods how to remove bumper stickers quickly and easily.

Things To Prepare


Lubricant is a special kind of liquid that’s used to reduce the friction between two surfaces so they can move more easily. It can be oil, grease, or any other fluid substance that reduces the surfaces rub together. 


Lubricants are typically applied to those surfaces to make them work better and for longer periods without wearing out. 

Lubricants are necessary for many different things like cars, bikes, and machines because they help reduce how much wear and tear occur from moving parts rubbing against each other, causing damage over time which would eventually lead to them being unusable. 

They can also help with how slippery some materials are, such as ice or snow on roads or even how easy it is for someone’s hair to go into a brush, or how easy it is for someone’s fingers to slide across the touch screen an iDevice.

When removing bumper stickers, lubricant is a useful compound to clean your car surface safely.

Adhesive Remover

The best way to remove bumper stickers is with an adhesive remover product. 

Adhesive remover is a chemical solvent that dissolves the glue that holds on the sticker so you can peel it off. Adhesive removers are available at any hardware store and usually cost less than 10 dollars for a quart-sized container, which will last many years if they care how to use it wisely. 

Adhesive Remover

There are three types of adhesives: water-soluble (easiest), oil-soluble (more difficult), and heat resistant (most difficult). 

  • Water-soluble adhesives dissolve in water but not in oil or solvents like alcohol or acetone. 
  • Oil-soluble adhesives dissolve in both oil and solvents but not in water. 
  • Heat-resistant adhesives are made for plastic surfaces that may get hot (such as your bumper), and any known solvent cannot dissolve them. 

Adhesive removers work on all three kinds of adhesive. Some products contain acetone; others use citrus oil; others will dissolve only water-soluble adhesives. Make sure you check the label before buying because some brands are more effective than others.

While adhesive removers are designed to dissolve the glue holding the bumper sticker on your car’s bumper, they can also damage paint if misused. To avoid ruining your paint job, follow these steps. 

First, try to peel off the bumper sticker with your fingers. If it peels up, you can spray on some adhesive remover and pull off the rest of the bumper sticker very carefully. Be especially careful if there’s leftover glue stuck to the paint – this is an indication that you need adhesive remover. 

Otherwise, just use soapy water to remove the remaining glue; this is the least expensive method, and it will work if you are careful.

Using adhesive remover is not recommended method because it can damage the paint. If possible, try to peel the bumper sticker off with your fingers first to avoid using adhesive remover at all. If there’s leftover glue stuck to the paint, soak it in soapy water before using adhesive remover.

Adhesive remover is a strong detergent, it is suitable for tough stickers. If you have to use it, you need to follow some safety tips that we will introduce below.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar can be used for a variety of purposes including cleaning and cooking. It is also how to remove bumper stickers.  To remove the sticker residue, use a sponge or cloth soaked in white vinegar on the area where the sticker was located. 

Wipe off any remaining adhesive that may remain. White vinegar is an acid that will dissolve most things it touches, but be careful not to get it too wet!

Remover Tool

Remover Tool

  • Plastic Knife Set

This tool will help you peel the sticker off after applying the above chemicals. A plastic knife set can be found at your local grocery store or even online for a low price.  

To get the sticker off of the car with minimal damage, use the knives in the opposite direction of how it was put on and make sure not to scratch the paint on your vehicle. 

  • Rubber Spatula 

A rubber spatula is a kitchen tool with a long, thin blade attached to a handle. It is used for mixing and scraping batters and sauces off pots and pans. 

Rubber spatulas come in many different shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common: they are made from rubber or silicone. This makes them heat-resistant and non-stick, which means they won’t scratch your cookware.

It can remove stickers by peeling off, if you cant buy a plastic knife, a rubber spatula may be an alternative way.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is the most common form of ethanol. It’s a colorless, volatile liquid with a strong odor and high volatility due to its low boiling point. It’s also called rubbing alcohol or just plain old “alcohol.” 

There are many different uses for rubbing alcohol that range from medicinal to using it in everyday life. 

You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove the remaining residue after cleaning bumper stickers, but be careful when using it on painted surfaces. 

Rubbing alcohol is available at your local drugstore, grocery store, or supermarket.

Heat Supply Device

A hairdryer is a device that has 2 main functions: to blow warm air over the user’s head, thus drying the hair and preventing it from getting wet while showering or bathing, and to style the hair. 

Heat Supply Device

When removing bumper stickers, you can use a hair-dryer as a heat supply. You will clean stickers quickly with it.

A clothes steamer may be an alternative device for the hair-dryer to remove bumper stickers effectively.

Cleaning Cloths

After removing stickers, you also need a cloth with alcohol to eliminate residue. You should use a microfiber cloth to prevent the car’s surface from scratching.


When removing bumper stickers, many people use wax as a solvent. This is because it is an effective way to remove the adhesive without damaging the paint on the car. In addition, it leaves behind a protective layer that prevents the sticker from sticking again in the future. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when using wax as a solvent: first, make sure you use a gentle circular motion to avoid scratching the paint; secondly, be sure to apply enough pressure or the wax will not work properly.

And finally, allow sufficient time for the wax to dissolve the adhesive before attempting to peel off the sticker.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers: Step-by-Step Guidelines

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Lubricant

Removing bumper stickers can be a tedious task. If you try to peel the sticker off, it will usually leave behind the glue and often part of the surface that is stuck on it. Simply peeling a sticker off leaves behind a sticky residue which is difficult to remove and may damage your car’s finish in some cases. 

The best way to remove these annoying stickers is by using an adhesive remover or lubricant like WD-40. 

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Lubricant

Step 1

Before applying any kind of product, make sure there are no objects near the area where you are working because they might get damaged if sprayed with oil or other chemicals. 

Spray a liberal amount of lubricant over both surfaces where the sticker has been placed – front and back – then wait for 10 minutes. 

Step 2

After this time has passed, use an old credit card to scrape off the sticker. A new one can be used for the back of the sticker because you are unlikely to damage it.

Step 3

This method is effective but may make your car’s paint look oily after removing the bumper stickers. 

If the problem persists, soak a rag with a very small amount of WD-40 and wrap it around the area that you scraped off. Leave this on for 30 minutes, then clean it up with a moist towel. 

Step 4

This method will result in no residues but how to remove bumper stickers may damage the finish. Lubes like WD-40 works well for removing stickers from car bumpers because they allow for more time between coats so that each layer has time to soak into the sticker.

Take a cloth and the rubbing alcohol to eliminate the remaining residue after removing the bumper sticker. Then, apply a new wax layer to the bumper with a safe buffer for cars to recover the shine.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With A Blow Dryer 

Removing bumper stickers can be a pain, but it’s not impossible. You can use several methods to remove bumper stickers, but the easiest is to use a blow dryer. Here’s how to do it:

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With A Blow Dryer 

Step 1

Heat the blow dryer and hold it about 6 inches from the sticker. The heat from the dryer can melt the plastic or erode the paint, so you have to be careful.

Step 2 

Turn the blow dryer on high mode, blast the bumper sticker within 1 minute, and wait until the sticker starts to peel off. You need to let the heat spread as evenly as possible.

Step 3

Peel off as much of the sticker as you can and then use a razor blade or knife or a credit card to finish peeling it off.

Glide the credit card slowly beneath the paper to eliminate the sticker. You can use the heat and remover tool simultaneously in the front of the sticker to shorten this process.

Step 4 

If any residue remains, use Goo Gone or another adhesive remover to get rid of it. You can also utilize rubbing alcohol and a cloth. Finally, apply the wax to renew the bumper.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Vinegar

Bumper stickers are one of the most difficult things to remove from a car. But, it can be done with ease using vinegar and baking soda. The how-to steps are easy and cheap! 

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Vinegar

Step 1

Mix 2 cups of water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar, 1/2 tablespoon baking soda in a bowl.  

Step 2 

Apply this mixture onto the bumper sticker with a sponge or rag cloth; wait 5 minutes for bubbles to form on the adhesive backing. 

Step 3 

Use an old towel to scrub off all the remaining residue after waiting those five minutes- use plenty of elbow grease or rubbing alcohol! 

You can also take a credit card or a rubber spoon to peel the sticker off.

Step 4 

Rinse your vehicle thoroughly afterward because you don’t want any leftover chemical residue that might attract dirt and grime over time.

Lastly, coat a fresh wax on the bumper to renew.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With A Clothes Steamer

If you have a clothes steamer, you can use it to remove the bumper sticker due to its steam.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With A Clothes Steamer

Step 1

Plug the clothes steamer into an outlet to heat. Waiting for a few minutes until you get the required temperature.

Step 2

Hold the steamer about 6 inches from the sticker within 30 seconds – 1 minute to remove it. This distance can prevent the cả surface from damaging.

Move the steamer slowly over the sticker until the edges are all loose.

Step 3

Take a rubber spatula or a credit card to peel the sticker off gently. Wipe once again with a cloth and rub alcohol. Apply the wax to refresh.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Hot Water

If you have nothing that we suggest, hot water is not a bad idea.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Hot Water

Step 1

Boil the water until 212 Fahrenheit degrees with the gas stove or microwave (about 2 – 3 cups). Hold the kettle with the pads to avoid burning while removing the sticker.

Step 2

Pour the hot water carefully on the sticker middles and edges to lose the glue part.

Wear gloves, next, dip a cloth into the boiled water and keep it on the sticker for a couple of minutes. Take a plastic scraper tool to peel the sticker off slowly. Don’t try to pull unless you want to ruin your car surface.

Step 3

Removing remaining residue with rubbing alcohol and renewing with the wax. You can also clean the car again with cold water.

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Adhesive Remover

Remove bumper stickers with adhesive remover. It’s a simple process that can save you time, money, and frustration. 

Adhesive removers are available in spray-on or wipe-off forms and should be applied to the decal until it starts to peel off on its own without any effort from the person removing it. Spray remover is preferred because it helps break down the glue faster while also preventing overspray onto other surfaces. 

How To Remove Bumper Stickers With Adhesive Remover

Another advantage of using an adhesive remover rather than scraping at a stubborn sticker is that less damage may occur to paint or vinyl finishes on your vehicles’ bodywork. Meaning they last longer and require less frequent touch-ups as well as having fewer cracks when removed altogether. 

Here are steps to remove bumper stickers with adhesive remover.

Step 1

Spray the adhesive remover on the tricky stickers until they are saturated with it, and let them rest within 5 minutes. You can see the label to set up a suitable period.

Step 2

Adhesive removers work by dissolving the adhesive bond, which loosens the decal from its location. You can tell when this process has been successful when you see grease-like residue around the edge of the sticker and a gummy surface underneath if it’s a paper product. 

Now that most of the adhesive is gone, you can use a plastic scraper to remove the remainder. This is made from thin, flexible material meant specifically for this purpose as metal gouges easily and may damage the surface below. 

Step 3

Clean the bumper with water if needed. Rinse the surface with a cloth and rub alcohol. Apply the wax to refresh.

Using an adhesive remover ensures that you don’t accidentally damage surrounding paint or pieces of weather stripping. It also prevents any skin irritation that may result from using adhesive removers, which contain chemicals that can irritate if you come into direct contact with them.

Safety tips

If you choose this method, be sure not to damage the paint on your car using any other methods for how to remove bumper stickers. 

To make sure that you do not damage the paint on your car while removing a bumper sticker, follow these safety steps:

  • Purchase a plastic razor scraper from your local automotive store. This will help protect any paint on your car from being scratched by the blade of a razor.
  • Have adhesive remover ready in case you need it so that you do not stay in one place for an extended time.
  • If the bumper sticker is large, it is important to spread out how you remove it so that you are not applying pressure continuously in just one location.
  • Be sure to use plastic gloves and protective glasses so that there are no accidents involving your skin or eyes.
  • If the bumper sticker is still not fully removed after allowing the remover to sit for an hour or two, you can use a plastic razor blade scraper to help lift the bumper sticker with minimal damage.


1. Why do people have to remove the bumper sticker?

Bumper stickers can be a great way to show off your personality or support for a certain cause, but they can also be a nuisance if you need to remove them. 

Sometimes bumper stickers can leave adhesive residue on the vehicle’s paint, which can be difficult to remove. There are a few methods you can refer to the above guidelines to avoid damaging your car’s paint.

2. What’s the best way to remove a bumper sticker from the glass? 

The best way to remove a bumper sticker from glass is to use a razor blade, credit card, or rubber spatula. You can also try using Goo Gone or WD-40. Be careful not to scratch the glass in the process.

3. How do I remove a bumper sticker from metal?

You can remove a bumper sticker from metal by warming the glue on the backside with a hairdryer and then pulling it up in small strips, one at a time.

It is also possible to use the razorblade as a scraper and scrub the bumper sticker off, making sure to get all of the glue.

4. How do I remove a bumper sticker from plastic?

To remove a bumper sticker from plastic, use a chemical cement glue remover. Place a generous amount of the cement glue remover on an old rag and begin wiping the bumper sticker. 

Continue to wipe until all of it has dissolved and disappeared. Rinse away the chemical cleaner with warm water using your hands or a damp cloth.


After reading our post, we believe you can answer the question “How to remove bumper stickers?”. Besides, you will eliminate them safely and effectively without damaging the car’s surface. If you have any tips, you can

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