9 Best Low Profile Car Ramps (2022 Reviews & Tips)

Best Low Profile Car Ramps

The low-profile car ramp from TMS has a sleek design that makes it easy to store when not in use, while also minimizing the risk of damage to the vehicle’s frame or bumper during loading or unloading activities. It features a textured surface for increased traction and is designed with safety rails on each side to ensure stability throughout the entire process.

This type of ramp is great for vehicles such as sports cars, convertibles, and other automobiles with a limited wheelbase. Because they are specifically designed for low-profile cars, these ramps are narrower and shorter than traditional ramps, making them ideal for use in tight spaces.

Additionally, they typically have a gentler incline, which makes them safer to use. If you’re looking for an easy and safe way to raise your low profile car, then read on for my recommendations for the best low profile car ramps on the market today.

What Are Low Profile Car Ramps?

Low-profile car ramps are designed to get your car up, over, or off of things that are simply too tall for basic automotive use. Low-profile ramps are also sometimes called “lowriders” because they allow the user’s vehicle to get low enough to the ground so that all four wheels stay on the ramp while it is being used. They have a unique design, which makes them safer and provides more advantages than standard high-profile ramps do.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Low-profile Car Ramp


  • Their more compact design makes them easier to store and transport. Low-profile car ramps are easy to fold and can fit in any trunk or storage area.
  • They are lighter than other ramp types. This is great for the do-it-yourself auto mechanic, who may not have the ability to lift a heavy ramp.
  • They offer better stability for heavier vehicles, especially when compared to plastic models, which can buckle under a heavy load.
  • They offer greater ground clearance than other types of ramps for low-profile vehicles.
  • They are more affordable than other types of ramps, especially aluminum models, which tend to be on the pricey side.


  • Low-profile car ramps are not very versatile in the sense that they are only useful when you need to raise the front of your vehicle.
  • The low-profile car ramp is also a bit difficult to use because you need to position it precisely on top of the jacking point of your vehicle. If not positioned correctly, it can cause damage to your car.
  • They are also quite expensive compared to other types of car ramps

List of 9 Best Low Profile Car Ramps Reviews

There are many different types of ramps that you can use to elevate your car. Depending on your needs, you might want to consider a low-profile car ramp. These ramps are designed specifically for low clearance vehicles and can make it much easier to get your car up off the ground.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable option, then read on for our list of the 9 best low-profile car ramps reviews.​

1. Race Ramps RR-XT-2 Low Profile Car Ramps

  • These Race Ramps XT-2 Low Profile Car Ramps were designed with your professional needs in mind. With a two-piece design and 67″ length, these ramps provide 10″ of lift for better access to the underbody of your vehicle for service or maintenance. Made from durable polyethylene, these ramps are strong and lightweight, making them easy to transport and use.
  • These ramps have a 10.8-degree angle of approach, making them perfect for getting your tires up to 12″ wide. Plus, the two-piece design means that you can take them with you wherever you go!
  • These Race Ramps RR-XT-2 Low Profile Car Ramps are perfect for loading and unloading your car. Made of durable and lightweight plastic, these ramps won’t transfer heat or cold, won’t skid, and won’t scuff your floors. Plus, the two-piece design makes them easy to transport, use, and store.
  • With a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs. per ramp, these ramps are made from solid lightweight high-density foam with a traction coating to keep your car safe while in use. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to change your tires or just need some added clearance for show purposes, Race Ramps RR-XT-2 low-profile ramps are the perfect solution for you.

2. Titan Ramps Low Profile Aluminum Car Ramps Pair 3,000 LB Capacity

  • Manufactured from durable and lightweight aluminum, these Titan Ramps Low Profile Aluminum Car Ramps are designed specifically for vehicles with a ground clearance of 9.5” or less. The included slope of 11.5 degrees makes them easy to use, even for those with limited experience in using ramps.
  • The aluminum construction also means that these ramps will never rust or corrode, so you can rely on them for years to come. Plus, the 66” length gives you plenty of space to work with, making it safe and easy to get your car up on those all-important ramps!
  • Our all-welded design ensures that there is no assembly required, and the supports help to keep the ramp in place while you’re loading your car. Plus, our ramps are backed by a 3,000 LB capacity, so they can handle even the heaviest loads.
  • These best low-profile car ramps are also reinforced for stability and structural support, making them great for heavier loads. The overall length is 66″, with a ramp length of 50″. With a capacity of 3,000 LB, these ramps are perfect for most cars.

3. Stark Auto Ramp Low Profile Car Lift Service Ramps Truck Trailer

  • If you’re looking for a quality car lift service ramp that will last you for years, this is the deal for you. Our Stark Auto Ramp low-profile car lift service ramps are perfect for all your under-vehicle maintenance and inspection needs. They’re built with long-lasting, durable construction to give you a long service life.
  • Our ramps are made of heavy-duty steel, ensuring that they can withstand even the most strenuous use. Plus, our low-profile design makes them perfect for use with trucks and trailers. Trust Stark Auto Ramp to get the job done right.
  • With a low profile and ample width, these ramps can accommodate any sized car or truck. Plus, they’re made of durable steel to ensure years of reliable use. Get your set today and say goodbye to frustrating attempts at lifting or jacking up your car!
  • Their extended-length design works great for lowered sports cars that would bottom out on most standard car ramps. So don’t go another day struggling to get under your car – get yourself a set of our Stark Auto Low Profile Car Ramps and make under-vehicle maintenance easier than ever!

4. VIVOHOME Car Service Ramps Low Profile Plastic 6 Ton Race Truck Ramps

  • These VIVOHOME Low Profile Car Ramps are made of high-quality plastic and feature a curved groove design that secures your vehicle and prevents it from sliding down. The honeycombed channel design ensures that water, oil, and debris can be cleared quickly and easily. Plus, They also have slip-resistant feet to keep them in place on any surface.
  • Our ramps are specially designed for low-profile vehicles, making it easy to get under and work on your car. With a capacity of up to 6 tons, these ramps are perfect for race teams or anyone who needs to work on their car frequently.
  • With a 9.05° loading angle, they make it easy and safe to access your lowered car. Plus, they elevate the vehicle an additional 2.75 inches off the ground, making it perfect for changing oils or performing other tasks.
  • These low-profile car ramps are made of lightweight but high-impact plastic and can easily accommodate any car or truck. The widened surface provides a larger area to fit your extra-wide tires, enhancing stability and safety. With a generous weight capacity of 13200 lbs./6tons, these ramps are suitable for any service or maintenance job.

5. Tomioka Racing Super Slopes – Low Profile Car Ramps

  • When your car is too low to the ground and you need to use a jack, don’t struggle with makeshift ramps or dangerously stacking objects. With Tomioka Racing Super Slopes, you can easily raise your car using the included jacks. These low-profile ramps are specially designed for lowered cars and are made from heavy-duty materials that will last for years.
  • With Tomioka Racing Super Slopes- Low Profile Car Ramps, you can get your car up onto those high shelves in the garage with ease! These ramps are made of lightweight aluminum so they are easy to carry and store. Plus, the low-profile design means they won’t take up too much space.
  • If you’re looking for a safe, reliable way to lift your car off the ground, you need Tomioka Racing’s Super Slopes. These low-profile car ramps are made with top-quality materials and construction, ensuring that your car is raised safely and securely. Whether you’re a professional mechanic or just someone who likes to do your own repairs, Super Slopes is a must-have tool in any garage.
  • Tomioka Racing Super Slopes is the perfect solution for low-profile cars. The compact design means they take up minimal space and the low profile ensures they don’t get in the way. Order your Super Slopes today!

6. Donext Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps 3 Ton Truck Vehicle – 2 Pack

  • Our low-profile plastic car service ramps are designed for vehicles with low clearance, making it easier and safer to get the job done. With an 8.3° loading angle, these ramps are perfect for any situation. So don’t go another day struggling to get your car off the ground – grab a set of our plastic car service ramps and get the job done right.
  • Donext’s low-profile car ramps make it simple and straightforward – no more struggling with heavy, cumbersome ramps. Our plastic design is both lightweight and durable, making it perfect for home or professional use. Plus, our two-pack ensures that you’ll always have a spare on hand.
  • These Donext Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps 3 Ton Truck Vehicle are perfect for easy and safe lifting of your car. With their lightweight but durable construction, these ramps can handle up to 3 tons, making them the perfect choice for trucks or larger vehicles. beware of cheap imitations – only these ramps have been certified to meet safety standards.
  • These ramps are perfect for getting your car serviced. With a weight capacity of 3 tons, they can hold up most trucks and vehicles. These ramps are made with honeycomb channels that help to prevent moisture build-up, so your car can get the service it needs without fear of damage. Plus, the low profile means they’re easy to store and use in any space.

7. Rage Powersports Discount Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps – 2 Pack

  • Rage Powersports Discount Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps – 2 Pack are professional-grade car service ramps that are perfect for home or commercial use. The honeycomb channels help prevent moisture build-up and make the ramps lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • These ramps are perfect for car service and repair. With a 9.05° loading angle, they provide an easy incline for low clearance vehicles. Our low-profile design makes it easy to get under your car, and the plastic construction is tough enough to handle even the heaviest vehicles. Plus, when you’re not using them, they fold up for easy storage.
  • These Rage Powersports discount ramps are best for low-profile cars. with a weight capacity of 4,400 lbs, these ramps can handle nearly any car. The heavy-duty plastic construction means these ramps will last for years.
  • These low-profile car ramps service ramps are perfect for getting under your vehicle to make repairs or just to take a closer look. Made of durable plastic, these ramps are easy to assemble and provide a safe and stable platform for your car. Order yours today!

8. Auttely Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Ramp Service 4 Ton Race Truck Ramps

  • Auttely Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Ramp were designed with two things in mind – safety and convenience. Our low-profile plastic car ramp service is perfect for racers or anyone who needs to access a lowered vehicle. The 9.05° incline allows for easier and safer access, while the elevated platform provides additional space for routine maintenance. Auttely ramps are a must-have for any racer or car enthusiast!
  • These ramps are made of lightweight but high-impact PP material, and can easily accommodate any car or truck for service or maintenance with a generous weight capacity of 13200lbs/6ton. Plus, at only 3300lbs/1.5ton per ramp, they’re perfect for home use!
  • Auttely Ramps are the best low-profile plastic car ramps available on the market. Our heavy-duty PP material is incredibly durable and sturdy, capable of supporting up to 8800lbs/4ton. This makes the Auttely Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Ramp perfect for servicing any car or truck.
  • Auttely ramps feature a curved groove design on the top surface of the ramp, which secures your car and prevents it from sliding down. The slip-resistant feet keep the ramps in place whilst you’re working, meaning no more worrying about them slipping on concrete shop floors. Auttely ramps are perfect for either home garage or full-blown auto service center use.

9. BISUPPLY Low Profile Portable Plastic Car Ramps

  • The BISUPPLY Low Profile Portable Plastic Car Ramp is the top way to store your car and protect your tires. These ramps are curved and low profile, so they’re easy to drive on and won’t take up a lot of space. This durable set of ramps is made from high-density polyethylene plastic and can hold up to 8,000 pounds. Pre-drilled holes make it easy to mount these ramps, making them extra stable and secure. Plus, they have rubber padding to protect your tires from getting flat spots.
  • Keep your vehicles and toys looking great for when you want to take them out for a spin again—with these heavy-duty car jack ramps! These ramps curve low profile to prevent flat spots on your tires from forming, ensuring that your ride is just as good as when you first put it away.
  • Finally, an easy and professional way to store your vehicle! These ramps are simple to use – just place them in front of the tire and slowly roll the car up. The flat tab and textured surface provide traction so the ramps don’t slide across the garage floor. Plus, at only 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) high, these ramps are perfect for low clearance sheds or garages.
  • Keep your car lift ramps securely attached and in easy reach with this set of two. These BISUPPLY Tire Saver low-profile car ramps are perfect for larger platforms and make it easy to get your car or other wheeled objects up on the lift. With durable construction, these ramps are built to last.

How to Choose the Best Low Profile Car Ramps

As the name suggests, low-profile car ramps are specially designed for vehicles with relatively small ground clearance. Low-profile ramps can help you lift your vehicle high enough to change your flat tire or perform minor tune-ups. Choosing the best low-profile ramp is easy if you follow these simple guidelines:


Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. This is especially true when it comes to car ramps. That said, don’t overspend on a pair of ramps that you’re only going to use occasionally. A mid-priced set of ramps should do the trick for most people.

Weight Capacity

When shopping for a set of low-profile ramps, it’s important to look at the weight capacity of the ramp. This will determine how much your car or truck can safely weigh when on the ramp. You’ll want a higher weight capacity if you plan on driving large trucks over your ramps.

Ramp Length

The length of the ramp is another important consideration. Make sure the ramps are long enough to accommodate your car or truck. If they’re not, you’ll end up scraping the bottom of your vehicle on the ground as you drive on and off the ramp.

Ease of Assembly

Some ramps come completely assembled, while others require some assembly before use. If you’re not mechanically inclined, you’ll want to choose a set of ramps that come pre-assembled.


Finally, make sure to choose a set of ramps that are durable and built to last. Cheap ramps tend to fall apart after a few uses, so it’s worth spending a little extra on quality construction.

When shopping for a set of low-profile car ramps, keep these five things in mind: price, weight capacity, ramp length, ease of assembly, and durability. With these guidelines in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect set of ramps for your needs.

How To Use Ramps To Lift a Low Car

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price range for low-profile car ramps?

The price of these ramps starts at $70 and goes up to $200. It depends on factors like durability, functionality, and features. If you are looking for a simple car ramp that can be used only as an automotive tool, then you will have to pay less than $100. However, if you need a heavy-duty low-profile ramp that can be used in many different ways and is extremely durable, then you will have to pay around $200.

2. What is the maximum weight that it can hold?

The maximum weight that a low-profile car ramp can hold ranges from 2 tons to 75 tons. In order to choose the right weight capacity for your needs, you must first determine the weight of your vehicle and then select the best-rated product according to it. The weight of some cars is up to 4 tons so it is necessary that you select a ramp with at least 4 tons capacity or greater than it.

3. What is the purpose of using low-profile car ramps?

The primary function of vehicle ramps is to lift and support the front end of a car so that you can change a wheel, replace brake pads or check for oil leaks.

4. Are low-profile car ramps safe?

Yes, providing that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and take sensible precautions. For example, always check for leaks before raising a vehicle with fluids in it. If there is any sign of a leak, do not proceed. You may want to use an old piece of plywood under one or both wheels if your driveway has poor traction (e.g., it’s covered with ice).


With the help of these best-selling low-profile car ramps, you can easily load and unload your vehicle. If you’re looking for an easy way to get in and out of a tight parking space or driveway without damaging expensive rims, this is the perfect solution!

We hope that our buying tips have been helpful as well as answering any questions about what makes these products so popular among consumers like yourself.

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