My team

You can see them in the background on TV, out of focus on still images/photographs captured in the service area or on the grid. Without my team there I would never have been a double FIA World RX champion. Here is my tribute to my best friends, helpers, and family: the PSRX team!

I have been in countless discussions about the importance of a good team and whether rallycross – (and motorsports in general –) should be referred to as a team sport. My contention is clear, I firmly believe the answer to this is YES! For me, to even think about competing at all in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, I must have a team around me. How good the team is, determines how well I will achieve.

My team is hand-picked. I’ve put together a group of people who want the same as me. They want to win as much as I do, and they will do whatever it takes, no matter how “impossible” it may seem at times.

The downside of this sport

Life in World RX is tough, and we are often out traveling for a long time. It’s a comfort for all of us knowing that those who are at home, support us fully in our determination and quest to fulfill goals and dreams.

Let’s briefly recapture our struggles that led to race success: Almost all the other World RX teams also came to Lousada, did some test runs and disappeared again. PSRX was among one of the first of the teams to arrive and also were one of the last to leave as well.

We spend a lot of human resources in our preparations. But my team’s philosophy is that it would have been pointless for us to emerge starting in Montalégre without being fully prepared. In the final three weeks before the race, a base of 10 technicians, mechanics, helpers, team members and I worked around the clock under a small roof as the only protection against rain, snow, and hail in Lousada. We worked to make the car more than right. We worked to make it perfect.

Season 2016

We do not believe the season will be easy – but what we now know from the race in Portugal, should reflect the 2016 season for us:

1) When we are struggling, and we have been beaten (like on Saturday), we must still keep the faith and believe in the plan and our strategy. To achieve success in a World RX race and to win the final, the most important job is to stay safe through the four qualifiers and then the semi-final.

2) It’s better to be safe than sorry. What you don’t get to do today, you can only regret tomorrow!