8 Best Rooftop Tent Reviews of 2022 You Need Know

Best Rooftop Tent

Outdoor enthusiasts have a lot of different options when it comes to choosing the perfect piece of gear. With so many different types of tents on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

If you’re looking for a tent that will let you enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about getting wet or cold, then a rooftop tent might be the perfect option for you. Rooftop tents are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason – they offer a lot of advantages over traditional camping tents.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best rooftop tents on the market and explain why they are such a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

What is Rooftop Tent?

Rooftop tents are the perfect way to get the most out of your camping experience. They offer a comfortable, elevated sleeping space that is off the ground and away from critters. It is also a great way to increase your living space while camping, as they provide a dry and shaded area to relax in during the day.

Rooftop tents are available in many different sizes and shapes to fit any vehicle. They attach to the top of your vehicle with a sturdy frame, which keeps them from flapping around while you drive. Some rooftop tents can be folded down when not in use, while others provide a large space for two or three people.

Benefits of Using Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents are lightweight camping shelters that offer protection from the sun, rain, and wind while maintaining a ground-level living. They’ve become very popular among campers in recent years because of their convenience and practicality. The following list details the main benefits of using a rooftop tent when you go out camping.

Fast Setup

One of the main benefits of using a rooftop tent is that you don’t have to spend time digging trenches, laying down boards, or driving ground stakes into the ground. Once you get to your campsite, simply open up the shelter and climb inside. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it, even children or people with physical disabilities.

Easy Use

It is also very easy to use. They have a regular frame that’s very similar to what you’ll find in a traditional tent, only the frame is much sturdier because rooftop tents can hold up to 500 pounds. The fabric that protects you from the sun and rain must also be strong because it’s being held up by the frame. All you have to do is climb inside, zip the door closed, and you’re ready for an outdoor adventure.

Variety of Uses

While they are designed primarily for camping, rooftop tents also make a great shelter during expeditions or hunting trips. You can easily store your equipment and supplies inside while you focus on tracking your prey. When you’re finished, simply pull the rooftop tent down and head home.

Protection from Wildlife

This product offers a unique way to protect yourself from wildlife during hunting trips. If you sleep in a normal tent on the ground, it’s easy for wild animals to spot you, approach quietly in the darkness, and become an easy kill. It’s very rare for animals to be able to climb up into a rooftop tent, though, so you can rest easy knowing they aren’t about to attack you while you sleep.

Fresh Air

It is a great shelter when the weather is nice, but if a storm comes in you can easily pull the top of the tent over your head so you don’t get wet. It’s similar to using a tarp for shelter, except it’s much more convenient and will protect you from everything from extremely heavy rain to extremely windy conditions that can cause trees or branches to fall on top of a regular tent.

Unique Outdoor Experience

Finally, rooftop tents are simply unique and exciting. Hanging out in a shelter that’s actually built on top of your vehicle is an interesting change from the normal camping experience, so you get to sleep surrounded by different fauna and have a great outdoor adventure before falling asleep at night.

List of 8 Best Rooftop Tent Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a new rooftop tent to take on your next camping trip or you’re just curious about what’s out there, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the eight best rooftop tents based on customer reviews and ratings. From compact and lightweight options to more durable and spacious models, there’s something for everyone. Keep reading to find the perfect rooftop tent for your needs.

1. Campoint 2-3 Person Sunroof Rooftop Tent

  • Camping just got a lot more comfortable with the Campoint 2-3 Person Sunroof Rooftop Tent. Not only does this tent offer extra ventilation and natural light, but it also comes with an aluminum telescopic ladder and PVC rooftop cover for added protection against the elements. Plus, with two side windows, a top sunroof, and both front and back entrances, you’ll have plenty of ways to get in and out of this spacious tent.
  • This PVC-imported tent is perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors, offering a high-density foam mattress, 600D heavy-duty waterproof top and extra-large rain fly, and sunroof for 360-degree views. With a max load of 661 lbs., it can accommodate up to three people comfortably.

2. TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent

  • The TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent is a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable camping experience. The tent is made with an insulated base, khaki tent body, and coffee rain fly, making it perfect for any weather conditions. It also includes a foam mattress with cotton cover, window rods, adjustable ladder 81”, and aluminum crossbars to mount to the rack.
  • Made of durable polyester, it features a water-proof body, rainfly, and windows to keep you dry and comfortable. The high-density foam mattress with cover ensures a good night’s sleep, while the insulated base prevents heat loss. stainless steel hardware resists corrosion, and the telescoping ladder makes setup easy.
  • It easily installs on any vehicle with a factory or aftermarket roof rack, without requiring any drilling or modification. Plus, it sleeps up to three people, making it the perfect option for larger groups. Plus, the 550g transportation cover keeps your tent safe and secure when not in use.

3. Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent

  • The Thule Tepui Kukenam Rooftop Tent is perfect for your outdoor adventures. The UV-resistant fabric withstands the elements of any season, while the mesh panels offer plenty of ventilation and open for more airflow. You’ll love the four, large internal pockets for storing gear and camping accessories.
  • With this device, you can rest easy knowing that you and your fellow campers will have a cozy place to sleep. This tent is made from tough materials that can stand up to rain, wind, and snow, so it’s perfect for any season. This tent can accommodate up to three people and is constructed from coated 600 deniers and a 260g poly-cotton blend, making it resistant to the elements in any season.

4. HASIKA 270 Awning Rooftop Tent Sun Shelter Designed

  • The HASIKA 270 Awning Rooftop Tent Sun Shelter is suitable for anyone looking for an extended camping experience. Made with heavy-duty fabric and aluminum, this shelter is built to last. The 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that you’re happy with your purchase.
  • This tough and rugged awning attaches easily to nearly any vehicle, providing much-needed shade from the sun or cover from the rain. It’s made of Oxford cloth for long-lasting use and features adjustable straps for a customized fit.
  • HASIKA has you covered with our exclusive fabric, which significantly reduces temperatures on hot summer days. Plus, our easy installation system means you can set up your shelter in minutes – perfect for SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks, or nearly any other vehicle.

5. TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent

  • The TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent is perfect for your next outdoor adventure! This top-of-the-line tent features an insulated base, coffee rain fly, and foam mattress with cotton cover. It also includes an adjustable ladder 81”, aluminum crossbars to mount to the rack, stainless steel hardware, tie-downs, and transportation cover.
  • Made with high-quality materials, this tent is perfect for camping trips and road trips alike. It features a marine-grade 600D rip-stop polyester body, 420D polyester Oxford waterproof rainfly, and 110g fade-less gaze breathable windows. Plus, it comes with a high-density foam mattress with cover, insulated base, stainless steel hardware, and 550g transportation cover.
  • Installation is a breeze – no drilling or modification required – and it’s compatible with any vehicle that has a roof rack. So whether you’re hitting the open road for an epic cross-country road trip or just taking the family camping for the weekend, this tent is the perfect way to add some extra sleeping space. With enough room for up to three people, it’s ideal for couples, families, and friends alike.

6. YAKIMA – SkyRise Annex Rooftop Tent

  • The YAKIMA SkyRise Annex Rooftop Tent is the best way to add a small room underneath your SkyRise tent. This annex slides into the SideTrack on the outside edge of your SkyRise and hangs down below the tent floor to create a changing room or storage area. The waterproof PU coated 210D ripstop nylon construction keeps you and your added living space dry, while the 3 walls provide privacy when needed.
  • With integrated interior and exterior attachment points, it’s easy to set up and provides additional living space at your base camp. Soak up the sun on the annex’s sun deck or relax in the shade of the annex’s awning – it’s great for keeping all your gear out of the weather.
  • This device is a way to add extra sleeping space to your campsite. This tent is easy to set up and take down, and features a full-height zippered front door for easy entry and exit, as well as 2 zippered mesh windows for ventilation. The included stakes anchor the annex in case of high winds, and the storage duffel bag makes tearing down camp a breeze.

7. Liwaill Overlanding Truck SUV Camping Rooftop Tent

  • The Liwaill Overlanding Truck SUV Camping Rooftop Tent is perfect for adventurers who want to experience the great outdoors without giving up the comfort and convenience of home. This top-of-the-line tent is easy to set up and can be installed on any vehicle with a luggage rack. With a load-bearing capacity of 660 pounds, it can accommodate even the heaviest camping gear.
  • This high-quality rooftop tent is perfect for camping trips and outdoor excursions. It features a durable 420D Polyester Oxford shell that’s resistant to water, rain, and insects. Additionally, it comes with a 280TC waterproof lattice cloth to keep you extra dry during inclement weather. The Liwaill also features built-in storage bags for your convenience, as well as extended pull rods for easy setup.
  • This premium tent features an Oxford polyester construction that’s tough and reliable, along with a ladder and annex that make set-up a breeze. This easy-to-install tent is perfect for anyone looking for an adventure. With a durable design and ample space, this rooftop tent is sure to make your next camping trip unforgettable.

8. Tepui Insulator for Rooftop Tents

  • Keep your camping gear in top condition all year round with the Tepui rooftop tent insulator. This fitted insulator provides an additional layer of protection from wind, rain, and snow, so you can enjoy your adventures outdoors whatever the season. With dimensions of 20.32 x 59.69 x 21.336 cm, it’s easy to store and transport when not in use.
  • This accessory easily attaches to your Kukenam or Autana 3 and provides quick zippered access to the windows, doors, and sky panels, so you can enjoy a snug night’s sleep even when temperatures are dropping outside. Plus, its durable construction ensures reliable protection against the cold for seasons to come.

Features to Look for When Buying for Best Rooftop Tent

Choosing the best rooftop tent for your needs will mean much more than finding the model with the lowest price. There are many factors that you must take into consideration, such as size and weight, as well as other practical aspects that may not be quite so obvious at first glance.

Size And Weight

The size of the rooftop tent that you choose must be in accordance with the size of your vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the bigger is your choice of tents available in this category. If you have a smaller car, for example, there’s no reason to buy a heavy rooftop tent that will leave very little space for luggage and supplies inside the car. In the case of SUVs, more space is available and you can get a bigger tent than what fits on smaller cars because rooftop tents are versatile and expandable to accommodate for greater storage capacity.


Being able to expand your tent down the road will generally mean much more flexibility in the long run, so if possible, go for a model that has the option to become bigger as your needs change. Your tent may come with several rooms or annexes, or you can choose to buy them separately later on if they aren’t included.

Security Of Your Vehicle

Your rooftop tent will have one important task, and that is protecting your vehicle from all kinds of weather, whether you’re sleeping in it or not. Look for a model that has many additional features making your car safer to sleep on top of.

Comfort Level

Comfort is another thing that sets one rooftop tent apart from the other. You can find models with mats made out of foam, different pillow sizes and even added privacy features. Consider your needs when buying a rooftop tent, and try to find out all that you can about the comfort factors provided by different brands.

Price And Brand

Price is an important factor as well, but it might be smarter to consider quality before price here. Brands like Tuff Stuff and ARB dominate this market for good reason. These tents have been tried and tested by many customers, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.

Ease Of Assembly And Use

If you’re planning to use your rooftop tent regularly or even semi-regularly, it’s best to go for a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble. This will take less time, saving you lots of energy in the process. If you need more advice on buying one of these products, leave a comment below.

In conclusion, choosing the best rooftop tent for your needs isn’t as easy as it may seem at first, as there are many factors that you must take into consideration before making any final decision. If possible, do some more research and find out as much as you can about the model that caught your attention.

How To Install a Roof Top Tent

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are rooftop tents waterproof?

Some models are designed with a fabric that is completely waterproof. Other rooftop tents have a water-resistant coating, but the tent will inevitably leak if exposed to high rainfall for an extended period of time. Before purchasing a rooftop tent, check what its specific characteristics are and see if it would last in different weather conditions.

2. How do I assemble a rooftop tent?

This will depend on the specific type of rooftop tent you have purchased. The instructions should be included in your purchase, but if not, there should be helpful videos online that explain how to put it up and take it down. For some models, the attachment process is very quick; others may take longer.

3. How can I protect my rooftop tent?

To protect your rooftop tent, always clean it after use and ensure that there are no small tears in the fabric before storing it away. You should also keep an eye on the condition of the suction cups or straps to ensure that they aren’t cracking or splitting. You can purchase covers for your rooftop tent, but these are optional.

4. Can I go camping in my rooftop tent?

You can certainly sleep on top of your vehicle using a rooftop tent! This is not necessarily the only way to camp, but it is definitely one popular way of doing so because you have all the benefits of sleeping outdoors without actually having to sleep on the ground.

5. Are rooftop tents expensive?

Depending on the type you are looking at, prices can vary considerably. By cutting down on features or opting for a cheaper model, you should be able to find a rooftop tent that best fits your budget.


There are a lot of options in the market, but if you follow our guide above, you could easily find the model that speaks to your needs. Remember, the perfect rooftop tent is the one that provides you with the most benefits.

Make sure that you keep in mind different use-cases for your rooftop tent and you should be good. In this article, we also have a buying guide so you can choose the best rooftop tent that is best for you.

In addition, frequently asked questions can help answer any question or concerns about purchasing an appropriate rooftop tent for your needs.

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